First steps

I will add more info to this page, but here is some info to get started:

You must set up a DMV hearing within 10 days of arrest:

You must arrange a DMV hearing within 10 days of your DUI arrest (with the date of arrest counting as day one), per California Vehicle Code 13558.  Note, this is just to set up the hearing, not to do the actual hearing.  DMV usually sets the hearing about a month from the request.

It may be easier for San Diego DUI lawyer to set this hearing for you to ensure the proper procedures and record/paper trails were made; however, you are able to do it yourself too.  If you wish to set the hearing yourself, call the DMV Driver Safety Office at (619) 220-5300 and request “an APS hearing, stay, and discovery.”  What does that mean?  “APS” stands for Administrative (the type of law) Per Se (the .08/.01/.04 per se legal limit), “stay” means you can still drive pending the outcome of the hearing, and “discovery” is the arrest reports and supporting breath/blood documentations.  If you call without an attorney and do not request all these items, DMV may not give them to you.  You have the choice of having the hearing in-person, or telephonically.