Can you be convicted of a Drug DUI from withdrawal symptoms?

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Can you be convicted of a Drug DUI from withdrawal symptoms?

Can you be convicted of a Drug DUI from withdrawal symptoms?

We just got this semi-recent case* handed down**, and the answer is yes.  If you do whatever drug(s), and then are feeling withdrawals, or impairment (to a certain legal level that can be proved beyond all reasonable doubt), then you may have just won yourself a Drug DUI conviction.

Ok, let me give some background and then I’ll explain the issue and answer.

What is a drug DUI?

California Vehicle Code 23152(e) makes it illegal to drive a vehicle “under the influence of any drug.”

Well, high fives for that Captain Clarity…but what does “under the influence mean” for purposes of drug impairment and driving?  Because the legal definitions matter.

Ok, so two things need to be proven beyond all reasonable doubt for a drug DUI in California:

  1. That you drove a vehicle (and drive means you created “volitional movement” in the car…that you made it move in some way, even if a small amount).  AND
  2. That you were under the influence of a drug or drugs.

So we’re back to what that means.  So we look at the jury instructions, under CALCRIM 2110 for these definitions.

“A drug is a substance or combination of substances, other than alcohol, that could so affect the nervous system, brain, or muscles of a person that it would appreciably impair his or her ability to drive as an ordinarily cautious person, in full possession of his or her faculties and using reasonable care, would drive under similar circumstances.”

That’s the key term to argue, “appreciably impair.”  That’s where Lawyer Fun starts, because it’s a loose term to be duked out in trial, and ultimately a question for the Jurors to decide.

Is “being under the influence of drugs” different than “driving under the influence of drugs?”

This Jiminez case pulls this analysis from a 2004 Cal Supreme Court case People v. Cantywhich lays out the Supremes differences between just straight up being under the influence by drugs, versus DRIVING while under the influence of drugs.  They say:

  1. First, a person can be convicted of being under the influence (not driving) merely “by being in that state in any detectable manner[.]” But a drug DUI takes more impairment.
  2. Second, a simple drug-use misdemeanor focuses on “the individual offender’s own private involvement with the proscribed substance”, but a DUI misdemeanor “primarily is concerned not with the offender’s use of the proscribed substance, but with his or her use of a motor vehicle[.]”
  3. Third, whereas the Legislature intended to “protect the user from the consequences . . . of his or her own conduct” in proscribing being under the influence, it intended to “protect the public and guard against the threat of injury to others” in proscribing DUI.

Can you be “under the influence” from withdrawal or other side effects?

Yep.  Here, in Jiminez, it was proven Defendant was sleepy from coming down from previous meth use.  He crashed into another car that unfortunately left two persons dead.  At trial, a jury convicted him of second degree murder (Jiminez had a two prior DUIs) and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

Simply put, the Court here says we’re not going to NOT let you be prosecuted if you’re under the impairment from coming off of or withdrawing from a drug.  “We cannot overlook the fact defendant endured the effects of methamphetamine withdrawal—namely, sleepiness—precisely because he had used methamphetamine.”

Hugs, not drugs folks.


*It came down in December, and I’m getting caught back up on legally geeking out and blogging. Ok, ok, I’m SORRY! ; )

**People v. Jimenez, California Court of Appeals, decided December 11, 2015, cited as 242 Cal.App.4th 1337.


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