Eric hosts the American Chemical Society Chemistry and the Law Division

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Eric hosts the American Chemical Society Chemistry and the Law Division
March has been a month of fun connections across the Nation with legal and science communities!  I got to host the American Chemical Society Chemistry and the Law Division meeting a few weeks back at my downtown office.
Here’s a picture of us on the balcony. I’m not pictured…well, because someone had to take the photo, right ; )
Great diversity of attendees from Australia, Munich, Canada, Mexico City, and various US Cities.  Special thanks to Justin McShane for chairing this Committee!

About the author, San Diego DUI lawyer Eric Ganci:

I am an owner and DUI lawyer in San Diego with my own firm Ganci, Esq., A Professional Corporation.  I am trained in blood testing for drugs and alcohol, trained on breath testing, and trained to train police on field sobriety tests.  I have authored Thomson West Publications regarding DUI science and law, and am a founding member of the DUI Lawyers Association, a national group.  

I am recognized, after completing the required coursework and passing the certification exam, as a Lawyer-Scientist by the American Chemical Society, Chemistry and the Law division.  I have been fortunate to be awarded many other awards, and  you can see my full bio here.

I received my JD from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, my BA in Music Education from Northern Illinois University, and graduated from the Trial Lawyers College in 2013.

I have offices in San Diego and Vista (North County San Diego), and I represent persons arrested for DUI in all counties in San Diego.

On the side, I am a drummer with my San Diego live band karaoke group, Rock Out Karaoke, and have earned several musical accomplishments, such as opening for Anthrax and having Ving Rhames say “I like your band’s cd.”

Also, per California Rules of Professional Conduct, I must say this blog may be seen as a solicitation.  Although I try to simply make them informative and entertaining, some persons may take it as a legal solicitation.  It’s not, and it does not in any way form any kind of attorney-client relationship with whoever reads it.

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