I am proud of these results.  Please understand this is just a sampling and they do not guarantee an outcome for your case.  Results may vary depending on your case.


For my DUI cases:

.09/.085 (+/- .01) breath before arrest, .077 (+/- .004) blood after arrest. 2 counts: one count dismissed during trial and not guilty on the other count.
Accident, then an alleged drug DUI (72ng/ml for Alprazolam (Xanax)), hit and run, driving while on a suspended license for DUI, and a violation for being on probation from a prior DUI. DUI and hit and run dismissed. Case settled on  Vehicle Code 14601.1(a) as a misdemeanor (driving while on a suspended license (not including it being suspended from a DUI) that saved on the 10 days of required jail.(.
Accident then .10/.10 breath before arrest, .11 blood after arrest. Not guilty verdict on all charges.
.09/.09 breath before arrest, .09/.09 breath after arrest. Per the police, driving was almost hitting a curb and almost causing an accident with another car. Not guilty verdict on all charges.
.143/.142 breath after arrest. Case dismissed at trial (and it was not a driving defense).
.21 breath before arrest, .20/.18 after arrest with a prior DUI. Prior struck, settled for a wet reckless (and it was not a driving defense).
.07 alcohol level, 8.5 ng delta 9 THC (active marijuana ingredient), car accident where passenger was in a coma, nearly passed away. From first attorney, offer was 4 years prison. We settled with prison and serving 6 months jail through CPAC home confinement, and the ability to reduce to a misdemeanor after 3 years.
.100 – .117 post-arrest breath estimates (.11 – .14 pre-arrest breath estimates), car half-parked on sidewalk diagonally blocking the sidewalk. Not guilty verdicts on all counts at trial.
.16/.16 breath estimates, with an accident.  Case completely dismissed in Court, no conviction of any kind.
.099/.099 blood, pulled over for speeding. Hung jury on all counts at trial. Case settled for a dry reckless, deny probation (so no class, no fines), and a Helmandollar plea (not guilty verdict on the .08 DUI charge)
.109 – .121 post-arrest breath estimates (.141 – .113 pre-arrest breath estimates), car parked on side of freeway with two tires blown out.  Settled for a Dry Reckless.
.14 breath, .15 blood, client crashed his motorcycle on the highway. Got the blood suppressed, and case settled for a wet reckless reduction.
.10 blood 4 hours after driving, 4 year old in the car.  Charged with child endangerment and as two separate charges: DUI with child endangerment enhancements. Settled for a DUI with no child enhancements charges or enhancements at all .
.12/.13 pre-arrest breath, .10 post-arrest breath, driving on the wrong side of the road, under-21 DUI.  Reduced to a wet reckless reduction.
.24 blood, with a prior DUI within 10 years. Settled as a first-offense DUI.
.085/.087 pre-arrest breath, .0837/.0839 blood. At trial, the “under the influence” charge was dismissed, and there was an acquittal (not guilty) on the .08 charge.
.20 blood, 3rd offense DUI.  Settled for a 2nd offense with no jail time (only CPAC home confinement).
.20 blood, driving 100+mph (carries 60 days mandatory jail), refusal. Settled for no speeding allegation, no refusal on Court or DMV suspension (saved on the one-year suspension with no restricted), and stipulated BAC of .19.
.12/.13 breath, accident with child in the car. Filed as a felony, settled as a misdemeanor.
.16/.15 pre-arrest breath, .12/.13 post-arrest breath. Hung jury on all counts at trial.
.23 blood, accident with injuries with a family of 4 on New Years Eve on the freeway.  Settled for no custody (neither jail nor prison), with the ability to reduce to a misdemeanor within 18 months without opposition from the Prosecutors.
.082/.092, pre-arrest breath, .092/.090 post-arrest breath. Won at trial with a hung jury on all charges, and won motion to dismiss all charges.
.074/.077, breath, driving with headlights off at night, bad field tests.  Reduced to a dry reckless.
.086/.084 pre-arrest breath, .068/.063 post-arrest breath.  Hit a stop sign, and car got stuck on the pole that had fallen over, prior DUI conviction from 2011.  Reduced to wet reckless.
.212/.212 blood, hit a telephone pole, passenger broke collar bone. Filed as a felony DUI with a strike (causing great bodily injury). Punishment reduced to probation with 89 days CPAC home confinement, and got strike was stricken from the charges.
.101/.103 pre-arrest breath, .0985/.0978 blood, weaving across lanes, with a prior DUI conviction from 2011 (still on probation).  Reduced to wet reckless.
.144/.149 blood, with refusal and prior reckless driving conviction. Reduced to a wet reckless.
.13/.13 pre-arrest breath, .126/.128 post-arrest breath.  Reduced to wet reckless.
.146/.147 blood, weaving across lanes. Reduced to a wet reckless.
.201 pre-arrest breath,  .19 blood, driving wrong way on the freeway, head-on collision with serious injuries to all parties. Filed as a felony, and looking at ~9 years prison.  No custody at all.
.123/.115 pre-arrest breath, .116/.111 post-arrest breath. Flipped car on the freeway (single car collision).  Reduced to a wet reckless.
.1899/.1902 blood, driving 100+ mph, accident with two injured parties (not the driver), prior DUI and reckless driving conviction.  Filed as a DUI with injury.  Reduced to a misdemeanor without injury, and got 100+ speed allegation dismissed.
.144/.149 blood with refusal.  Reduced to a wet reckless.
.1441/.1427 blood, swerving over lanes, and varying speeds.  Reduced to a wet reckless.
.122/.124 chemical breath, swerving over lanes.  Reduced to a wet reckless.
.122/.124 chemical breath, swerving over lanes.  Reduced to a wet reckless.
.079/.081 pre-arrest breath, .058/.055 post-arrest breath, under 21, with accident, reckless driving, hit and run.  Charged as DUI with hit and run, and reckless driving.  All charges dismissed and settled on a wet reckless with 18 months probation.
.034 under 21 DUI (“baby DUI” per California Vehicle Code 23136). Not guilty acquittal at trial.
.1174/.1194 blood, hitting a parked car.  Reduced to a wet reckless.
 .107/.108 pre-arrest breath, .105/.108 post-arrest breath, struck two pedestrians.  Reduced to a wet reckless.
Felony DUI (arrested for causing injury to two pedestrians in a crosswalk), plus hit and run.  Client was looking at a Second Strike offense, per California’s 3-Strikes law, and about 20 years prison.  .10 pre-arrest breath, .12/.12 blood.  We got the .08 DUI charge dismissed on a Penal Code 995 Motion, and got the DUI reduced to a misdemeanor (so no Second Strike).  The hit and run settled on a felony with a 32 month stipulated sentence, to be served at 80%.
.123/.126 pre-arrest breath, .112/.119 post-arrest breath, with a prior DUI.  Weaving “in a serpentine manner” while on a motorcycle, speeding up, slowing down, and almost striking other cars.  Struck the prior, settled on a first-offense DUI.
3rd offense DUI arrest, .21 blood.  Two priors are from 2010, and 2011.  The Prosecutors alleged a Probation Violation, and were asking for 6 months jail.  Settled on no jail time.
9th offense DUI arrest, .20 blood and refusal.  Settled on a first-offense DUI with no refusal.
.141/143 pre-arrest; .123/.120 post-arrest breath with aggressive. Reduced to wet reckless.
.20/.19 breath, Prosecutors wanted 10 days public work and IID in-car breathalyzer.  Settled on .14 stipulated BAC, no public work, and no IID.
DUI arrest in San Diego in September, second DUI arrest in OC in November. Timed the plea deals so the OC case would settle on the DUI, and then the San Diego settled on a wet reckless the same day, just after the OC settlement…without the Counties finding out about the other arrests!  With the San Diego case settling for a wet reckless, it saved our client on the 18-month class, 4 days jail, a 2-year license suspension, 5 days public work.
2nd offense DUI (prior was from 2012, so there was a Probation Violation too), .25 blood, plus Hit and Run.  Dismissed the Hit and Run, stipulated to the blood at a .19, and no jail or Public Work (should have been 4 days jail and 30 days Public Work).
DUI plus accident and refusal, with child in the car (arrested on felony child endangerment).  All charges reduced to a wet reckless.
2nd offense DUI, .20 blood.  No jail (should have been 4 days) and no public work (should have been 20 days).
DUI plus child endangerment (per Penal Code 273A(B).  Settled on misdemeanor DUI with no child endangerment.
DUI arrest, vomit found in the car, .138 pre-arrest breath, .124/.125 post arrest breath.  Reduced to a dry reckless and no DMV suspension. Note, this was not a “driving defense.”  We admitted to driving.
3rd offense DUI, with a probation violation, .228/.239 pre-arrest breath, .189/.179 breath and .2132/.2145 blood. Exposure of 120 days jail and car forfeiture, in addition to probation violation.  Punishment reduced to no jail time, no car forfeiture, and only 4 months of SCRAM alcohol ankle bracelet.
DUI, .24/.23 pre-arrest breath, .25 blood.  Stipulated to .14, saving on 15 days of public work (eg. picking up trash) and the longer 9-month DUI class.
Under 21 DUI, .01 pre-arrest breath. Won the DMV hearing, and settled case for traffic infractions (broken taillight and curfew violation). No license suspension, when it was supposed to be a one-year suspension.
DUI with accident on the freeway, with reckless driving. .20 blood.  Prosecutors charged with DUI and reckless driving.  Reckless driving dismissed, stipulated to .19.
.16/.15 pre-arrest breath, .155/.159 post-arrest breath, driving 78mph in a 35mph zone (which is 60 days jail mandatory), plus 6 bags of marijuana found in the car. Settled on DUI without the speed enhancement, which saved on the 60 days jail, and no drugs.
2nd offense DUI, .25 blood. Stipulated to .19 and no DUI prior.
DUI with injuries (which is chargeable as a felony), 3-car accident. .092/.082 pre-arrest breath, .081/.082 chemical breath.  Settled as a misdemeanor wet reckless reduced charge.
2nd offense DUI, .20/.21 breath. Struck prior DUI and punishment reduced by 5 days public work.
.112/.115 pre-arrest breath, .0991/.1003 blood, driving causing an accident. Reduced to a wet reckless.
2nd offense DUI, .21 blood with hitting parked cars. Struck prior DUI and punishment reduced by 5 days public work.
.2058/.2101 blood with accident causing injury, plus hit and run.  Stipulated to .19 BAC, and no hit and run, settled on misdemeanor DUI without injury.
.097/.098 pre-arrest breath, .102/.101 breath and .1048/.1071 blood.  Reduced to wet reckless with only 6-week DUI class, instead of 3- month class.
.284/.247 pre-arrest breath, .2223/.2272 blood. Stipulated to .19 BAC, which only requires the 3-month class instead of the 9-month class, a shorter license suspension.
.43 blood felony DUI with injury: Felony reduced to misdemeanor.
.09/.09 pre-arrest breath, .10 blood: Hung jury.
.11 blood, swerving across lanes, and failed all field sobriety tests: Hung jury.
.145/.128 pre-arrest breath, .12/.12 chemical breath: Case dismissed.
Arrested for DUI with felony child endangerment, hit and run, refusal, and resisting arrest: Reduced to misdemeanor DUI, all other charges and enhancements outside of DUI dismissed.
.239/.228 pre-arrest breath, .27 blood, possession of cocaine (as a felony): Felony reduced to misdemeanor.
.139/.145 pre-arrest breath, .12 blood, red-light traffic ticket (in addition to DUI charges, although separate event from DUI arrest): Reduced to wet reckless, red-light ticket dismissed.
.16 blood felony DUI with great bodily injury, with exposure of 6 years prison: No custody at all; punishment reduced to only 10 days public work service, fines, restitution, and probation.
.18 breath, all usual indicative signs of intoxication and poor field sobriety test results: Reduced to failure to use a turn signal (Veh. C 22107) as an infraction. No misdemeanor criminal conviction. Note, this was not a “driving defense”; we conceded to driving.
.17 blood, with refusal allegation: Wet reckless.
.15/.16 breath: Reduced to wet reckless.
.14 blood, .12/.12 roadside breath, two priors within 10 years (standard punishment is 4 months jail): No jail at all, one prior struck.
.14 blood with refusal: Wet reckless.
.08 blood, second offense DUI, driving was “weaving in a serpentine manner”: Wet reckless, stipulated to .07 (only 6-week class instead of 18-month class, among other savings).
.09 blood, driving on the wrong side of the road: Wet reckless, stipulated .07 (only 6-week class instead of full 3-month class)
.10/.09 roadside breath, .09/.08 chemical breath: Wet reckless, stipulated .07 (only 6-week class instead of full 3-month class)
.10 blood: Wet reckless, stipulated .07 (only 6-week class instead of full 3-month class)
.09 blood trial: Hung jury, eleven jurors for Not Guilty on both counts: Case dismissed.
.10/.10 roadside breath; .11 blood trial: Hung jury on both counts.
Driving on suspended license: Case dismissed.
.32 blood w/ hit and run: Stipulated to .19 (saved on 6 months of DUI class and 5 days public work), hit and run reduced to an infraction (saved on 7 days public work, and reduced fine to only $235).
3rd offense DUI: Prior dismissed.
.23 blood w/ injuries: Felony reduced to misdemeanor. Stipulated to 0.19 BAC.
.11 blood w/ accidents: Won DMV hearing.
.11/.11 breath: Won DMV hearing. Case dismissed.
.07/.08 breath, .07 blood: Dry reckless.
.18 blood, refusal, with prior: Refusal and prior stricken.
.17/.17 breath, prior within two years (probation violation): Acquittal on Veh. C 23152(b)–driving with .08 or higher BAC–which overturned DMV suspension, reduced to wet reckless, no jail on probation violation.
.15/.16 breath: Prior dismissed.
.09/.09 breath: wet reckless with only 6-week driver class (versus the 3-month class), MADD class waived.
.16/.14 breath: Wet reckless.
.13/.14 breath: Wet reckless.
.111/.107 portable breath test, .10/.10 breath: Wet reckless, stipulation to BAC at .07 (cuts driver class requirement in half).
.22 blood: Stipulated to a .15 BAC, with no public work service (started at 10 days)
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