The Musics, June 2023

Below is what I’ve been tracking, listening to, and reading recently. I have an email capture at the bottom if you want me to email when I post–usually once a month.

Legal blog:

In addition to this art blog, my career-job is a personal injury trial lawyer at Casey Gerry with a focus on brain injury cases. My recent CG blogs are:


New shows are in bold.
  • 7/22/23, Diana Krall at Humphrey’s
  • 9/8/23, Bit Brigade at The Casbah. I can’t make this show, but if you like Nintendo and rock music, then you’ll love Bit Bridage as they speed run games while playing the game soundtrack live. They’ll do the original Zelda and DuckTales for this gig. Here’s a 2014 video of them playing Zelda so you get what I mean. I saw them in San Diego a few years back when they did Contra I and Metroid I, and it blew my mind.
  • 10/7/23, Thundercat at Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air
  • 12/5/23, Skid Row at House of Blues

New music:

Brandee Younger’s Brand New Life. I’m new to Younger, but really enjoyed her approach, instrumentation, and vibe on this album. Joel Ross on vibes sounds great as always.

Mark Guiliana’s Mischief. I’m still buzzing having seen Guiliana and Nate Smith do a masterclass together then play together in May. These two players hold so much power, but are so grounded in how they approach their music and drums/percussion.

Mac Miller. Really, there’s much of him I want to get into–knowing how much he was respected and what he was getting into before he passed. I was supposed to catch Miller with Thundercat around the time Miller passed. I’ve been sitting with Circles for now.


Building a Second Brain; Forte, Tiago:

Whoa. This book spoke to me in so many ways. I loved many of the systems he offers so you can focus on capturing info with less worry about forgetting or misplacing what you learned, and using various technology for his methods. See his resources here.

I also liked his thought of being and acting within divergence vs. convergence mode. Where you use these approaches whether you are intaking information, but then forcing yourself to pause the intake while you work on producing based on what you learned. Based on this, I’m also going to get into The Godfather Notebook, by Francis Ford Coppola, to see how Coppola envisioned and executed this masterpiece.

Saving Time Discovering Life Beyond the Clock; Oldell, Jenny:

I enjoyed her last book. Same with this book. I like hearing her discuss her love and approach with nature. I also thought it was neat about watching webcams to watch nature. Obviously no replacement for the real thing. But a nice way to experience life at the click of a button.

The Extended Mind: the Power of Thinking Outside the Brain; Paul, Annie Murphy:

Good discussions about how people (of all ages, especially infants) intake and react to movement. And how movement can help stimulate our minds to think…but how various movements and speeds may create different ways for the brain to think. This is a great book for teachers (and me for a trial lawyer).

I also enjoyed the modification of Henry David Thoreau’s quote to read as “before I sit down to write, I’ll stand up to live.” I like this modification a lot.

Currently listening to:

Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You by Jason Reynolds; Ibram X. Kendi

This month’s pic:

Enjoyed the angles on this, as I took the Redline to see the Cubbies:


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