The Musics, August 2021

Below is what I’ve been tracking, listening to, and reading the last month. I have an email capture at the bottom if you want me to email you once a month when I post these.

I’ve been away from my blog for the last months as I began a new position with my firm. I’m back to doing trials, but now in the personal injury realm where represent persons injured from the faults of Defendant persons and businesses…or more appropriately, the Insurance companies that insure these Defendants.

I have also been blogging about civil law topics. These are some recent blogs:

  1. Facts withheld from evidence? Still…be careful what you argue: Jackson v. Park
  2. California Civil Code Section 998 – The Settlement Code
  3. How to “pop a policy” in a California personal injury case

Ok, that’s the my law updates. Now let’s talk music, art, and books!


New shows I’m tracking are in bold.
9/1/21: Lamb of God; Trivium; Megadeth at FivePoints Amphitheater in Irvine.
9/5/21: Umphrey’s McGee at Observatory North Park. Tix here.
9/16/21: Michael Franti and Spearhead at Humphrey’s by the Bay. Tix here.
9/16/21: John Legend at CalCoast Credit Union theater at SDSU. 
9/12/21: Rodrigo y Gabriela at Humphrey’s. Tix here.
9/19/21: John Legend at CalCoast Credit Union theater at SDSU. Tix here.
10/19/21: Primus at the CalCoast Credit Union theater at SDSU. Tix here.
10/23/21: Phish at the Chula Vista amphitheater. Tix here.
4/16/22: Jacob Collier at San Diego House of Blues. More info here.
9/9/22: Alicia Keys at CalCoast Credit Union theater at SDSU. Tix here

New music:

San Diego native Bobby Cressey’s new The Longest Days with his solo project “Dumosa”. I usually put these Dumosa albums on and listen to them on repeat for hours. This one is no exception.

Alicia Keys: Right now I’m sitting with her  recent album. The pop-writing is delicious. There’s some production, but it’s not overproduced and the album still leaves lots of room for her musicianship to shine.

I’m getting back through some Count Basie albums and I love the connection with Ella and Basie’s band.

Dave Holland’s Another Land: this album has many different approaches. This tune “Grave Walker” has a salty groove and burns underneath the whole tune, mostly from Eubanks’ guitar tone. I’m new to Obed Calvaire on drums and I really enjoy his playing.


I’ve mostly been listening to and reading law/psychology books. I read Chris Voss’ Never Split the Difference, about negotiation approaches. It’s so good that I’ve been listening to chapters over-and-over. I also just finished Nick and Courtney Rowley’s Running with the Bulls. This book is an honest and raw look at how to approach insurance companies in civil litigation. This book is a must-have if you represent civil plaintiffs where you try to recover a loss from an insurance companies.

Anne Rice’s Lasher. As expected, her character development was deep, mysterious, and tragic.

Rock Me on the Water, Ronald Brownstein. As the title continues, this book is about “1974 – The Year Los Angeles Transformed Movies, Music, Television and Politics.” It was a neat weave of how that year affected so many things across all those realms.

This month’s pic:

From the San Diego Symphony’s opening night at The Shell. This venue is incredible and the Symphony sounded so alive this night under Rafael Payare.


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