The Musics, June 2022

Wow…it’s been about a year since my last post. My suit and tie (bow tie) day-job is as a trial lawyer, and I spent the last year doing a deep dive into brain injury science. This area of law + science is evolving and really interesting, so I look forward to taking these serious and important cases to trial. But it’s been a busy year!

I have also been blogging quite a bit through the website of my firm, Casey Gerry. There are many musings of civil procedure and how it affects civil cases and civil trials in California. Feel free to geek on those if you want. A few recent goodies are:

A lawyer representing both the Insurance Company and the Defendant Driver: is that unethical? Simonyan v. Nationwide decision

A discussion on bicycle safety (for May 19 Bike-to-Work Day)

Qaadir v. Figueroa: If Plaintiff sees a doctor on a lien, not covered by health insurance, can Defense argue Plaintiff is “uninsured”?

And with that: on to the art!

Below is what I’ve been tracking, listening to, and reading the last month. I have an email capture at the bottom if you want me to email when I post–usually once a month.


New shows are in bold.
  • 6/10/22, Rock Out Karaoke at the San Diego Fair, Coors Light Avenue Stage, 9pm – 10:30pm. I’m drumming this gig. See our ROK blog re these Fair gigs.
  • 6/24/22, Rock Out Karaoke at the San Diego Fair, Coors Light Avenue Stage, 9pm – 10:30pm. I’m drumming this gig.
  • 7/1/22, San Diego Symphony playing Black Panther live, The Radys Shell
  • 7/7/22, Lettuce, then Tower of Power at The Rady Shell
  • 7/30/22, Les Claypool’s B*stard Jazz at Pappy & Harriet’s. Les formed this band with drummer Stanton Moore and this would be interesting to see these styles collide.
  • 8/14/22, Trombone Shorty’s Voodoo Theauxdown (with Tank and the Bangas, Dumpstaphunk, and other NOLA groups), at The Rady Shell
  • 8/23/22, Flying Lotus, Hiatus Kaiyote at The Rady Shell
  • 9/9/22, Alicia Keys at SDSU Cal Coast Open Air Theatre
  • 9/17/22, Wilco at SDSU Cal Coast Open Air Theatre

New music:

Last night on a whim I caught the Hadestown traveling show in San Diego. Great production. Lots of New Orleans flavor with a killer band. Trombonist Audrey Ochoa and drummer Anthony Ty Johsnon crushed it and I’ve been listening to their latest releases this ‘morn.

Also on the repeat list right now is new albums from Larry Goldings/Peter Bernstein/Bill Stewart; Trombone Shorty; Brad Mehldau; and Wilco.


I have listened exactly one ton of books over the last year. Here are some faves:

Effortless Make it Easier to do what Matters Most, Greg McKeown. You can also start with his previous book Essentialism, but not needed if you’re already keyed into the Cal Newport Deep Work kind of thing.

Zep: Beast, C.M. Kushins. And Bob Spitz’s Zed Zeppelin: The Biography. Next in queue is Spitz’s Beatles book.

Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime. Loved learning how deep into languages he is.

Speaking of language…Robert McKee’s Dialogue. I’ve been thinking a lot about this book as I write and speak.

Will Smith’s Will. I listened to it before the Slap Heard around the World and really enjoyed him talking about desire, drive, and music.

And a bunch of legal books.

This month’s pic:

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